Graywater drainage leak pits neighbor against neighbor

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Dear Barry, We live in a rural neighborhood, with septic systems rather than sewers for plumbing waste. To prevent detergents from damaging our septics, everyone drains their laundry into a separate drainage area in their yard. Recently, we noticed water draining under our back fence and into our garden. To our dismay, we discovered a PVC pipe that drains the neighbor's laundry water onto the ground – detergent, lint, and all. We left a note on their door asking them to call us, but we received no response. Someone needs to teach them a lesson in common consideration. How do you suggest we resolve this problem? – Bonnie Hello Bonnie, Although not officially recommended, the Lucille Ball approach would be to install a PVC pipe cap on the end of the pipe at the back fence. The resultant overflow in the neighbor's laundry room would most likely draw an immediate response from your neighbors but would probably incite a local feud – amusing fair for a TV sitcom, but not...