Engineer homeowner disputes home inspection report

Roundtable advised to discuss alleged defects

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Dear Barry, The people who are buying our home hired a home inspector, and we made the mistake of not attending the inspection. My husband is a PE (civil engineer), and he disagrees with some of the home inspector's findings. For example, the inspector said the fireplace is cracked and needs cleaning. But we had it cleaned and inspected when we bought the home and have only used gas logs since. He also said the air conditioner needs repair, but our AC guy documented the unit as fully operational and free of defects. Still, the buyers want these things repaired. Should we merely provide documentation, or is there something else we can do to reassure the buyers? – Jan Dear Jan, Inaccurate real estate disclosure can hatch a whole nest of costly and disruptive problems in the aftermath of a sale, sometimes many years later. Therefore, full clarification at this time is essential, rather than allowing disparities of opinion to foment future conflict. The first step in promoting a r...