Renter struggles to find housing after bankruptcy

Some landlords refuse to play fairly

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Question: Why is it so difficult to obtain a rental after bankruptcy? I have been discharged for a little over a year and have had the hardest time renting. I am well over the income requirements and feel that I'm being punished for filing bankruptcy. I have a stable job and have worked at the same company for almost 14 years. I am a single mother of three with stable employment and am financially able and willing to pay rent. What can I do? Landlords' attorney Smith replies: Proper tenant screening is a cornerstone of sound property management. Tenant selection includes an evaluation of income, credit and rental history. Each plays an important role in the rental decision process. Landlords and property management companies have policies that are similar to their colleagues at banks and other lending institutions and have the right to set uniform criteria for all prospective tenants, which will be the basis for acceptance or rejection. Although your income and rental history seem to...