Home inspector’s role clarified

Professional findings more than just 'opinions'

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Dear Barry, Do you research the issues you write about before answering people's questions, or do you simply shoot from the hip. In a recent column, you spoke about a home inspector's liability for unreported safety violations involving a water heater flue pipe. In the article, you failed to mention that home inspectors are not required to cite code requirements or even to know what a flue pipe is. You should have explained that inspections are for informational purposes only. Inspectors cannot certify anything. They can only state opinions. Buyers should hire licensed experts to verify the true extent of defects, rather than relying on generalist home inspectors. How about some honest clarity? – Chris Dear Chris, A measure of "honest clarity" is definitely in order. To begin, our respective views of home inspection are not as divergent as your comments imply. We, in fact, share some points of agreement – in substance, if not in demeanor. However, some of your opinions a...