Must tenant provide landlord with proof of renter’s insurance?

Demand a deal-breaker for some

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Question: My landlord sent me a notice stating that when I sign my next lease renewal I must provide proof of renter's insurance and that I must have certain minimum limit on personal property ($20,000) and personal liability ($100,000). The landlord must also be named as secondary insured. Is this requirement legal? What implications does it have for me in the event of a claim or lawsuit? Property Manager Griswold replies: The landlord can legally require you to provide proof of renter's insurance as a condition of your lease. Your landlord can also specify the minimum amount of coverage and require that the legal owner of the property and the property manager be named as an additional insured. Not all renter's insurance policies are the same, but most do not charge extra for providing the certificate of insurance with the additional insureds listed. Of course, you do not have to rent from this particular landlord and will likely have no trouble finding another property where the la...