Slab disclosure comes back to haunt seller

Who is responsible for reporting damage?

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Dear Barry, We sold our home a year ago and now have disclosure problems with the buyers. The issue involves a carport slab that is built over a wood-framed structure, rather than directly on the ground. The buyers' home inspector failed to notice the space below the slab during his inspection. Now the property is being resold, and the home inspector for the new buyers has discovered the crawlspace under the slab. Unfortunately, he also found damage in the wood substructure. As a result, the people who purchased the property from us are demanding payment for repairs. We believe their home inspector should have discovered the subarea, just as the recent home inspector did. Don't you think their inspector should have found the understructure without being coached? After all, just how much does a seller have to spell out for the buyer's home inspector? – Rhonda Dear Rhonda, A home inspector's responsibility is to discover all pertinent conditions that are visibly discernible. If ...