Can renter break lease to buy a house?

Finding replacement tenant becomes pivotal issue

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Question: I signed a one-year lease three months ago and just found a great house that I can afford to buy. My rental is very noisy, which makes it difficult to sleep. Also, the yard is really too small for my large dog and it is quite a walk to the closest bus stop for my son to go to school. My landlord is very nice, but the amount we pay for rent is close to what our mortgage would be. Are there agreeable ways to break a lease, or should I just hold off buying a house for nine more months? I have been told that you can find a replacement renter and not lose any money. What are the chances of that happening? Landlords' attorney Smith replies: It sounds to me like the reader has admitted that the real reason for wanting out of the lease is to purchase that home. The noise and dog issues are presented as a pretext for termination of lease. As a landlord attorney, let me warn you that you will have a difficult burden of proof to satisfy the court that the noise levels and your unhappi...