Soundproofing is last resort for frustrated condo owner

Building defect at heart of problem

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Dear Barry, I purchased a condo less than a year ago and have grown to despise it because I hear my neighbors above me talking, watching television, walking across their floor, arguing, and so on. I've added insulation to the ceiling, but the noise persists. Recently, I learned that this condition is due to a construction defect. The condo association won a lawsuit against the builders many years ago, but the outcome was a money settlement with the original owners, rather than correction of the problem. Shouldn't my home inspector or the seller have disclosed this condition when I bought the unit? – Rachel Dear Rachel, A determination of noise transmission between adjoining living units is not within the scope of a home inspection, since factors that would lead to such discovery are subjective and not apparent at all times. For example, at the time of the inspection, the upstairs neighbors may not have been home, or they might not have been engaged in raucous pursuits. Even if th...