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The new page-turner: Paperless real estate technology

Part 2: Paperless real estate milestones

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  Editor's note: Innovative technology can help simplify the home-buying process, eliminating unnecessary paper and making the transaction less cumbersome and easier for everyone involved. In this three-part series, we spotlight progress in the trek towards a paperless real estate transaction, and talk to early adopters, technology developers and standards gurus about how far we've come and how far we still have to go. (Read Part 1, "Case studies of paperless success.") Real estate technologists are working to digitize and automate bits and pieces of the process associated with real estate transactions, though the fully electronic real estate transaction remains an elusive target – but not for lack of innovation. Industry participants say the technology is ready to make paperless real estate transactions a reality, and the only barriers to this revolution are integration, adoption and regulation. As is often the case in technology development, the solution is far ahead of i...