Defect repairs pit home inspector against Realtor

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Dear Barry, As a Realtor, I've had problems with a local home inspector. On a recent inspection, he found some foundation cracks and stated that the building is "structurally defective." His report recommended "that the north and south walls of the house each have five hydraulically driven steel piers. Estimated cost of structural defects: $8,000 to $10,000." A subsequent inspection by another home inspector stated that the foundation cracks were normal for a 75-year-old home. Does a home inspector who is not a structural engineer have the qualifications to advance such findings? – Sandra Dear Sandra, Recommendations of the kind you have quoted are far beyond the pale of established home inspection standards. To any responsible home inspector, such findings would be a source of wonder and amazement. Without being licensed as a structural engineer, no home inspector should advance conclusions and prescription that would constitute or resemble an engineering analysis. In fact, most...