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Consumers are the judge at real estate ratings site

RealtyRators gauges Realtor performance

Home buyers and sellers can rate the attributes of real estate agents at a free Web site that is the brainchild of a title company employee in Ohio. Mike Primeau, who created, said he wants to empower consumers by providing them with a way to rate their rate real estate agents' performance and review consumer ratings of other agents. The site allows visitors to rate agents based on nine qualities: professionalism, responsiveness, availability, accountability, knowledgeable, attentiveness, personality, salesmanship, and marketing, and an average rating is provided when an agent receives multiple ratings. After hearing stories about how some people choose their real estate agents, Primeau said there seemed to be a lack of information in the selection process. "There was a need to create some form of information service to consumers," he said. The Web site tracks the Internet address of its users and limits the number of ratings for each unique user, which is intended t...