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Why Thanksgiving is good for real estate biz

Julie from Hollywood

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It's unusually warm here in Los Angeles for the fourth week in November – some of us call this "earthquake weather." The sun is so strong that it burns our skin, but the leaves are dropping all around us. It's Thanksgiving in Hollywood. It has a life all its own. There are those folks who can't wait to get out of town. The best excuse for skipping out a few days early is to say that you're going east to have Thanksgiving with your family and then disappear the previous Friday. Then there are those who have the annual ritual of spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii. It's 90 degrees here and they're off to Hawaii? And then there are those who slug it out and try to emulate a tradition that we remember from our childhood – but those memories have started to really get fuzzy because the food was never very good and sitting on the piano bench at the end of a long table with a bunch of cousins you never saw wasn't all that fun either. Nevertheless, my husband and I are part...