Jazz up your yard with famous flora

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I grew up near Alexandria, Va., where local history is American history and there are at least 16 historical sites connected in one way or another to George Washington. Now I discover that I can make my own connection to George Washington. I can plant a sapling in my backyard that was germinated from the seed of a tree that Washington planted himself at Mt. Vernon. In fact, the sapling that I can plant will look exactly like the one that he planted 220 years ago to shade the walkway around the newly constructed bowling green he built on the backside of his mansion for his own amusement and the pleasure of his guests. The Historic Tree Nursery in Jacksonville, Fla., sells the George Washington. The nursery is a division of American Forests, the oldest conservation organization in the country. The nursery collects and germinates seeds from about 600 of the more than 2,500 trees listed on the "American Forests' National Register of Historic Trees." Some of the trees on the registry are...