Home inspector makes more than mold a problem

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Dear Barry, A home inspector recently went through my attic. He found mold on the wood framing and gave me an outrageous estimate to fix the problem. The estimate mentioned something about a foaming borade solution that would be put on the wood to kill and prevent future mold growth. I'm just wondering where I could get this stuff--if I can--or what other options I have. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. - Donna Dear Donna, Your situation raises more issues than those involving mold. To begin, home inspectors who perform corrective work pursuant to their inspections are highly suspect and are operating in direct opposition to established industry standards governing the ethical conduct of home inspectors. The inherent conflict of interest is obvious to most people and should be equally clear to those who practice it. It should also be noted that mold evaluations are not within the defined scope of a home inspection. Furthermore, the practice of mold abatement, whe...