Low-volume septic tank has home buyer worried

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Dear Barry, The home we are buying has a septic system rather than a sewer hookup. The real estate agent disclosed that the leach field has limited volume, but she explained that this simply means we will have to pump the tank more often. We are not certain that we understand this correctly. Does this mean we will need to be mindful of the amount of water we put through the septic system on a daily basis? If so, is this acceptable, or is the agent merely downplaying what could be a major problem? - Jayme Dear Jayme, There are minimum legal requirements governing the size and volume of septic tanks and leach fields. If the system in question has limited volume, then it is either in violation of those requirements or is in the downhill phase of its longevity. Either way, you could be facing costly replacement of the system once you take possession of the property. To spare yourself this major expense, get some expert advice before proceeding with this purchase. The system should be pumpe...