Can landlord charge tenant $25 fee for rental damage?

Lease agreement dictated by local housing laws

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Question: I have wanted to invest in real estate for many years so I recently purchased a single-family home, which has been a rental property for years. The seller of the rental property gave me some advice, including a blank lease form that he buys at the local stationery store. In looking over this form, it states that the tenant shall pay the first $25 of any charge for repairs by a service person. A friend of mine who is also a landlord told me this is not legal. But as a new landlord I like having this clause in my lease so that the tenant will know he/she will be responsible if he/she damages anything in the house. Please let me know if this charge is appropriate. Property Manager Griswold replies: As a new landlord and property manager it is important for you to know that every jurisdiction has laws and statutes concerning rental housing that generally indicate that it is the landlord who is required to maintain the habitability of his/her residential rental properties -- not t...