Homeowner goes ‘nuts’ from sow bug invasion

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Dear Barry, I wonder if you would mind lending me your expertise in the area of sow bugs. My cottage is now 20 years old and until a few years ago, I experienced no problems with these bugs. Now, they are literally crawling away with the place and driving me nuts. The cottage is built on a slab and I think there might be a moisture problem attracting the bugs. Can you give me more information about their lifestyle and how I can get rid of them? - Bernadette Dear Bernadette, If expertise in the area of sow bugs were mine to lend, you would be welcome to borrow freely. However, since entomology is not within the standards of practice of the home inspection profession, I offer herewith my unschooled opinions only. Sow bugs (aka "roly-polys," "pill bugs," or "woodlice," and unofficially dubbed by the House Detective as "entomological armadillos"), are attracted to areas where there is a constant presence of moisture and of decaying cellulose. Thus they are often found in wet woodpiles, in ...