Comfortable home is in the details

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Most of us spend a fair amount of time picking apart the fabric of our everyday life. We talk endlessly about movies, clothes, fashion, food, televisions shows, sports and cars. Author and architect Sarah Susanka wants us to take this pick-apart impulse and pick apart something we experience intimately everyday but never think about -- the spaces in our houses. When you sit in your own living room, which you may never have paid attention to, or when you visit friends' and relatives' houses and share a meal in their dining rooms, why do you feel comfortable or get the heebie-jeebies? As Susanka carefully explains in her two latest books, "Home by Design" and "Inside the Not So Big House," the answer can be complicated. With "Inside the Not So Big House," Susanka zeroes in on details and how they affect our perceptions and enjoyment of a space. What the average person considers a detail -- artwork, rugs and the upholstery on the living room furniture, for example -- she calls "accesso...