Tenants’ rights when neighbors are noisy

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Question: I live in row-style apartments. I have a neighbor to the left and the right of my apartment, but none above or below me. I have a neighbor who at least once a week has band practice in his living room with amplifiers, microphones and a complete drum set. I have talked to my neighbor at least twice telling him it is unacceptable to have this loud music at any hour. I also have complained to my landlord at least four times and they tell me that they will talk to him or send him a letter, but so far the band practice continues. What can I do? Tenants' attorney Kellman replies: Tenants have the right to be free of unreasonable levels of noise. In multifamily housing units, we are sometimes expected to put up some reasonable amount of normal living noise, but band practice goes a bit too far. Musical instruments and apartments are a bad combination. Tenants must take great care to minimize interference with their neighbors when practicing their instruments. Also, there is a big di...