Home buyers denied recourse in plumbing break

Certain circumstances leave owners holding the bag

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Dear Barry, Our home is 10 years old. When we bought it, the sellers disclosed that a leaking water line below the slab floor had just been repaired. We called the plumber who did the repair and he said there was no evidence of further problems. With this assurance, we bought the home. But a month later, another leak developed under the slab. The plumber open the floor and this time found numerous pinhole leaks. He advised us to re-pipe the house. We called the builder, but he said the pipes were installed to code, in a protective layer of sand, and he was not liable. Finally, our homeowner's insurance and home buyer's warranty refused to pay. What could have caused these pipes to deteriorate in only one decade, and how can no one be liable for this condition? - Dinah Dear Dinah, Copper water piping is generally resistant to corrosion, but there are two conditions that can override this positive quality: 1) Direct contact between copper and galvanized steel pipe can cause electrolysis,...