Home inspector criticized for lawsuit remark

Attorney ethics ruffle feathers in legal community

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Dear Barry, I look forward to your column as a weekly voice of common sense and reason for your readers. So I was surprised and offended by a statement you made in a recent article. Your main point was to explain that sellers should not be liable for defects that are concealed within walls, and you advised a buyer to cut his losses and move on, rather than suing the seller. But then, you took a gratuitous swipe at the entire legal profession, stating that "armies of lawyers" would pursue poorly founded litigation to obtain excessive fees. I agree that some attorneys practice law on that basis, but it is unfair to portray such practices as a general rule. As an attorney who values professional integrity, I would be interested to know your basis for this assertion. --Heidi Dear Heidi, Your reaction to my negative portrayal of the legal profession is understandable. Such generalizations can unfairly tarnish the perception of honest and ethical lawyers, of whom there are many. Unfortunate...