Creepy critters’ removal falls on landlord’s shoulders

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Question: I am the owner of a lovely home that I have rented out for the past few years while I am on assignment in London. I have owned the house for 18 years and have never had a problem with rats getting into the house until this winter. However, I do acknowledge that the little beasts are in the fields all around the area. When the tenants found rats in their kitchen they expected me to deal with the problem. I said that they should set some traps, etc., which they did. Subsequently I agreed to screen off the deck area to prevent further intrusions, but am not sure this will be 100 percent effective. Can you clarify the proper practice for landlords concerning responsibilities for control of such pests? I feel that the occupant/tenant should do everything reasonable to avoid attracting rats, and should also set traps, etc., if they do come in. I can see the logic that the owner should do what is reasonable to plug up any holes or other access points. The lease doesn't really cover ...