‘Reality House’ takes room layout to a new level

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If you could pull back the curtain and see how most of us really live, truth be told, our houses are a mess. Clutter is everywhere. Backpacks, coats, boots, tennis racquets and junk mail pile up at whichever door we use most frequently to go in and out. Mail and magazines have migrated into every living space. We have no time to clean it up, but even if we did there's no place to put everything -- especially those bulk purchases from Costco that save money but won't fit anywhere. Is there a solution out there? Builder magazine's Reality House, a show house at the International Builder's Show in Orlando last month, suggests that there is. Double the amount of cabinetry that most builders supply, put it as close to the family entrance as possible, and almost everyone can get on top of the clutter issue, said Memphis architect Carson Looney, who headed the Reality House design team. Locating storage at the family entrance is critical, Looney emphasized, because when you put it there, yo...