Water heater leak is potential wet blanket for homeowners

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Dear Barry, Our water heater and forced-air furnace are both installed on the same raised platform in our garage. Recently, the water heater began leaking and had to be replaced. Our main concern, however, involves the water that leaked into the platform and the adjacent wall. The enclosed space below the platform is part of the duct system for the furnace, and we're worried about the long-term effects of this moisture. It seems strange that the joint use of the platform would ever have been allowed, considering the potential for mold and other moisture-related problems. Is it OK merely to repair the leak, or should the platform be opened up to promote more thorough drying? --Lisa Dear Lisa, Water heaters and forced-air furnaces are commonly installed side-by-side on raised platforms in garages. The potential for moisture-related problems should be obvious when these installations are made, but in most cases, little or no thought is given to the inevitability of eventual water heater l...