Bathroom wallpaper hides more than just bare walls

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Dear Barry, We recently sold our home and made full disclosure of every defect we could think of. The buyers hired a home inspector, and we repaired all of the defects listed in the inspection report. We wanted the buyers to be satisfied with the home and felt that we had dealt fairly and honestly with them. But after the sale, they remodeled the interior, and that's when an unknown problem was revealed. When they stripped the wallpaper in the master bathroom, the entire back side of the paper was covered with mold. They are now making angry accusations, and we're expecting to be sued. How can we be accountable for disclosing a condition that we were unaware of? --Sandy Dear Sandy, The discovery of unknown defects is a common, but unfortunate, occurrence when remodeling projects take place. The removal of wall coverings, and particularly of drywall, may reveal faulty wiring, leaky plumbing, substandard framing, or major termite damage. When findings of this kind occur after the purchas...