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AOL exec: Get ready for the next phase of the Web

Real estate sites approach the Atomic Age

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SAN JOSE, Calif. – The Web is going atomic. But don't call Homeland Security just yet. It could be a good thing. "Something's happening with content and the word is it's being atomized," said Gerry Campbell, senior vice president of AOL Search at America Online. Campbell spoke Tuesday during "Drilling Down on Local," an annual conference focused on local Internet search technologies. Tech gurus have coined the term Web 2.0 to describe an evolution of content and community on the Internet, and Campbell said an underlying trend in this transition is the increasing atomization of Internet content, communication and commerce. And all of these things are driving toward an online presence that more truly integrates with real life, he said. "Until the Web actually permeates real life, everything we think of as community is not really (community) – it's artificial." The real estate industry is waking up to the changing face of the Web. Officials at Homestore Inc., soon ...