New homes aren’t always perfect

Builder's warranty may save owners who didn't do pre-purchase inspection

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Dear Barry: In a recent column, you recommended home inspections for brand-new homes. This was eye-opening advice for us, but unfortunately, we learned it too late. We bought a brand-new home about six months ago and assumed there was no need for a home inspection. The building department had just approved the construction, and the home was covered by a one-year builder's warranty, so we saw no need for an inspection. Our new neighbor, on the other hand, did hire a home inspector. Nearly a dozen defects were reported, and the builder repaired all of them. This makes us wonder what a home inspector would have found in our house. Now that we've taken possession without an inspection, what do you recommend? --Bill and Anne Dear Bill and Anne: A pre-purchase home inspection is essential when buying a brand-new home, but don't despair. The window of opportunity is not yet closed because the builder's warranty is still in effect. The contractors who built your home are still required to corr...