Who is liable for plugged gutter and water-related problems?

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Question: I own a single-family dwelling that I am currently renting. Last week, when I was going over to the rental to perform some requested maintenance, the tenant mentioned that water was overflowing from the roof onto the front porch. " the same problem as last year," was the tenant's comment. This is the first time that she had bothered to mention this to me. When I arrived at the property, the gutter was plugged and water had been running over the side of the flat roof onto the front porch. This excessive water had caused dry rot to form on the corner of the roof where the downspout is located, so obviously the problem had existed for some time. Also, the water has damaged the front door. Who is responsible for maintaining the downspouts, the tenant or the landlord? Property Manager Griswold replies: Unless there is a specific written agreement, the landlord would generally be responsible for maintaining the building systems such as gutters. This does not mean that the tenant do...