Home repair costs climb higher than anticipated

Home inspector estimates not set in stone

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Dear Barry, When we bought our home, the home inspector included estimated repair costs in his report. At the conclusion, he stated that the problems found were "minor in nature" and that "actual repair costs may vary widely from one contractor to another." One of the so-called "minor" problems in the report was rotted wood at the front door threshold, estimated to cost between $500 and $700. The sellers gave us a credit to cover this repair after we moved in. But the contractor who is now making these repairs found further rot in the adjoining wall and floor, with repair costs now exceeding $3,000. Our inspector says he told us the costs could vary and that he could not see conditions within the wall or the floor. Is his position reasonable and responsible according to normal home inspection practices? –Janet Dear Janet, Some home inspectors include cost estimates in their reports, but most do not. When estimates are included, they are typically nothing more than "bes...