Cracks in concrete concern new homeowner

Consult paving contractor before warranty expires

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Dear Barry, We purchased a newly built home and are nearing the end of our one-year warranty. We've got some concerns about the condition of the property, but the builder always downplays the conditions we point out. Our main concern is a crack in the concrete porch. The builder says he will seal the crack when it gets bigger. Our concern is that an enlarged crack--even one that is patched--is not an attractive or acceptable aspect of a new home. Is it fair to demand replacement of the porch? --Daniel Dear Daniel The answer to this question depends largely upon the nature of the crack. Hairline cracks in concrete pavement are normal. In fact, they are so common they are to be expected to some degree in nearly all cases. This is due to normal shrinkage when the concrete hardens and to common expansion and contraction of the soil beneath the pavement. Whether cracks can be expected to enlarge significantly depends upon whether steel reinforcement was installed when the concrete was poure...