Trump’s ‘apprentice’ touts risky real estate investing

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If you think Kendra Todd is just a pretty winner's face you saw on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" television show, her new book "Risk and Grow Rich" will change your thinking. This 27-year-old tycoon is a very savvy real estate investor who shares her strategies for building wealth by accepting risk. The book's emphasis is on accepting risk, planning for it, and using risk to your advantage. Todd is obviously wise beyond her years. No wonder "The Donald" selected her as his apprentice to supervise development of his Palm Beach, Fla., property. However, the book is remarkably silent about the apprenticeship and the TV show, although Trump says on the book jacket, "Kendra Todd has done a great job as an Apprentice, so I'm not surprised that she has also written a terrific book." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Todd understands the challenge and importance of taking risks to create wealth. Her specialty, along with co-author Charles Andrews, is helping investors acquire properties tha...