Home inspector downplays mold as ‘no big deal’

Without tested samples, advice may invite lawsuit

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Dear Barry, Our home is more than 50 years old and has major mold problems. When we bought it, our home inspector said we had surface mold only and that it was no big deal. Since then, we've had mold growing inside the wall cavities, and we have excessive condensation on all the windows and sometimes on the walls. The mold starts where the walls meet the slab floor and is visible about 3 feet up the walls. How can we find the cause and remedy of this awful problem? --Dawn Dear Dawn, Moisture condensation is common in older homes because they were not built with the same degree of water proofing and vapor resistance as we typically find in contemporary construction. Your situation, however, sounds excessive and indicates that you may have a problem with ground water seepage through the slab. Evaluations by various experts may be needed to fully remedy these mold and moisture problems. Included would be a geotechnical engineer to evaluate ground water conditions and site drainage. Essent...