Realty agent criticizes home inspection practices

Claims industry victimizes consumers, hurts sales

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Dear Barry, May I help you shed a little naivety? As a high-producing real estate agent in the Seattle area, I have watched as growing numbers of home inspectors, with their authoritarian attitudes, have led buyers to believe that they are entitled to a "mint" condition house, free of defects, real or imagined. For all your endorsements of home inspections, I find the inspection industry to be out of control and run amok! Two reports on the same house have different lists of defects. Some reports are so nit-picky that they appear concocted to justify the inspection fee. One inspector mentions an alleged problem verbally, but then doesn't list it in his report. Consumers and their agents are victimized by fly-by-night inspectors who operate without oversight or licenses. What you home inspectors need is some imposed standards to control your loose-cannon business that negatively impacts the sale of homes. Thanks for allowing me to share this perspective. --Paul Dear Paul, Your points, ...