Handcrafted accents gain popularity among home buyers

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One hundred years ago when Frank Lloyd Wright was designing houses, he also designed the furniture, light fixtures, trim, cabinetry, stained-glass windows, drapes, table linens, and in some cases, even the dresses of the owners. This degree of customization was possible not only because the clients were extremely wealthy. There was also an army of artisans readily available to execute whatever Wright designed. Today, even extremely wealthy clients cannot expect the degree of customization that Wright routinely delivered because the number of craftsmen is dramatically smaller. But, in almost every town of any size in the United States, there are local artisans whose work could be incorporated into a new house at prices that are quite affordable. If you are willing to forgo granite countertops, pricey kitchen cabinet door upgrades and a whirlpool bath with jets that you will rarely use, you can use that $5,000 to $15,000 to enhance your home environment with unique and personalized feat...