Designing home wreaks havoc on marriage

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You and your wife decide to take the big leap, hire an architect, and build a new house. You're already envisioning your first meal there and all the great family occasions and parties you'll have. You're most certainly not thinking about all the decisions large and small, from floorplan to door knobs and roof shingles, that you will have to make before the first shovel goes into the ground. Indeed, the decision-making aspect of building a new home comes as a shock to most people. With every other purchase they have ever made, the product was already manufactured. The only decision to be made was which one they liked best. With a custom-built house, the opposite is true. You start with a clean slate and you decide everything. In fact, for the first six months of a custom home-building project, that's all you'll be doing, but Washington, D.C., couples therapist Tybe Diamond says that many couples do not do this well. The problem is not indecision; it's how the couple makes decisions, ...