Dog owner suspicious of unusual ‘no pets’ policy

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Question: I recently received a little dog for my birthday. I took the dog with no worries, thinking it was OK since my apartment neighbor has two small dogs and also breeds them and sometimes has four or more dogs for several months. Those dogs bark and follow you every time you walk by. My dog is always on a leash and never barks when someone walks by. Now, the owner wants me to get rid of my dog. I never realized there was a "no pets" line in our lease. When I spoke to the landlord about it, she said that the tenant with the dogs moved in a while ago when there was a different owner so his lease is different from my lease. Is that fair to other tenants not to be able to have pets when another tenant breeds dogs in his apartment? Can tenants have different rules on pets? Tenants' attorney Kellman replies: A landlord is allowed to put language in the lease that limits or prohibits the keeping of pets. Although pet owners do not enjoy special protection (such as for race or religion et...