Seller carryback mortgage ripe with benefits

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DEAR BOB: What is a seller carryback mortgage, which you often mention? --Mary J. DEAR MARY: When you buy a property and the seller finances all or part of your purchase price, acting like a mortgage lender, that is called a seller carryback mortgage. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Sellers often carry back mortgages to facilitate the sale, earn interest income on the unpaid balance, and create a safe investment secured by a mortgage or deed of trust on the property they just sold. Many retirees especially enjoy carrying back mortgages for their buyers because the retiree then has safe retirement income at a higher interest rate than usually can be earned elsewhere. In today's home sales market, for example, if you buy a free-and-clear house with a 10 percent cash down payment, the seller could then carry back a 90 percent first mortgage. If you offer the seller a 6 percent interest rate, that's a "good deal" for both you and the seller. Should you default, the seller can then for...