Homeowner tackles tree invasion at roots

Damage to home can be cured without removing trees

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Dear Barry, A home inspector recently pointed out that the trees near my home are lifting one side of the house. A tree trimming company recommends removing them completely, but that would be a terrible loss. They are many years old and I've come to regard them almost as friends. Is there anyway to save these wonderful trees, or is it necessary to sacrifice them? --Vivian Dear Vivian, Property owners often resort to tree removal when less drastic measures would suffice. When root systems cause structural damage, the entire tree is mistakenly viewed as the offending party. But this warrants reconsideration since it is the roots that are damaging the property. Most trees have root systems that are approximately equal in mass to aboveground portions of the plant. Just as it is possible to prune branches without injuring the tree, it is also possible to cut selected roots without adversely affecting the organism. With most species, the remaining roots are sufficient to supply necessary nut...