Why lawn, garden maintenance is best left to landlord

Tenants risk financial heartache from negligent landscapers

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Question: I currently rent a three-bedroom home and I deal directly with the owner of the house as my landlord. I currently pay a gardener $60 per month to cut the grass and shrubbery, as we have a good-sized backyard. It seems odd to me that I should be responsible for incurring this cost when I don't even own the house. Am I or is the landlord responsible for lawn and garden maintenance of my rental home? Property manager Griswold replies: There are no laws or rules regarding who is responsible for taking care of the grounds/landscaping. It is subject to negotiation between the parties. I strongly suggest that the landlord retain control over the grounds/landscaping maintenance and care since most tenants will not properly care and maintain the property, as they don't have the same incentive as the owner. I am sure that you are different but I am sure you can see why I might have my doubts about the desire of the tenant to pour his/her hard-earned money into anything beyond just the ...