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Canadian Realtor group meets opposition over MLS rules

Antitrust enforcement agency said proposal could lead to inquiry

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Member groups of the Canadian Real Estate Association have put off a decision on controversial changes to national Multiple Listing Service rules that were questioned by discount real estate brokers and a government antitrust enforcement agency. The association, which is Canada's equivalent of the U.S.-based National Association of Realtors, announced that it sought to strengthen the MLS trademark through the rule changes, which would have mandated additional services for brokers in order for the MLS to accept property listings that they represent. A government agency, meanwhile, stated that it "questions the protection of the trademark as a legitimate justification for the proposed amendments." CREA's member boards and associations, rather than voting to approve the changes, instead referred the matter back to the association's board of directors for further study. A report on the matter will be issued at CREA's annual meeting in March. Similar controversy erupted over U.S. MLS poli...