More listings, fewer buyers change expectations

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You may be kicking yourself for not selling your home last year when the market was hot and gave sellers an advantage. Now, in most parts of the country, you'll be selling in a balanced market, at best. In a balanced or normal housing market, neither the buyer nor seller has an advantage over the other. Your selling experience in the new market needn't be unpleasant, as long as you know what to anticipate so that you can realign your expectations accordingly. There are two key factors that differentiate the current market from its predecessor. One is that there are many more listings on the market now than there were then. The other is that there are fewer buyers. With more listings and fewer buyers, you'll need to distinguish yourself from the pack. There are three good ways to do this. First, make sure that your home is priced right. Second, your home should look impeccable when it goes on the market. Third, you need a comprehensive marketing effort. HOME SELLER TIP: Last year, homes...