Listing agent keeps noisy vent hidden from buyers

Why neighbor's complaint warrants disclosure

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Dear Barry, The house next door has a central heating system that is very noisy at the roof vent. It's not so bad during the day, but at night it wakes everyone in my home. Recently, the house was listed for sale, so I wrote a letter to the agent and informed her of the problem, hoping that someone would have it fixed. She acknowledged receipt, but nothing more was said. After the house sold, I spoke to the new owner. She said the agent had never mentioned the noisy heater vent. How could the agent have failed to disclose this after receiving my letter? --Mike Dear Mike, Agents and sellers are required to disclose any conditions that could be of concern to a buyer or that could adversely affect a buyer in any way. The agent who received your complaint but failed to disclose it to the buyer was in violation of that requirement. This omission was as foolish as it was unethical because it subjected the parties of the transaction to potential conflict and liability. For all the agent knows...