Slumlord’s nightmare: Property will be demolished, sold!

Court steps in to abate a public nuisance beyond repair

Beginning in 1989, apartment building owner Guillermo Gonzalez was repeatedly cited by city building inspectors for unsafe and unsanitary conditions in the property where he and his family reside in one of the three units. In 1990 the court issued a default judgment to demolish certain outbuildings, which were built without permits. The $21,940 demolition cost was recorded as a lien against Gonzalez's property title. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. In 1997, the city filed an 85-count misdemeanor criminal complaint against Gonzalez, alleging violations of the building, fire, housing, plumbing and electrical codes. He was found guilty of 15 of the counts and ordered by the court to correct all code violations within 30 days. However, he failed to correct the violations and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. In 1998, Gonzalez served an additional 90 days in jail and was later sentenced to 450 days in jail for continuing violations. In 2001, city inspectors returned to the property and f...