Buyer misses home inspection, problems snowball

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Dear Barry, When I bought my home, I made the mistake of not being present for the home inspection. Instead, I trusted that the inspector did a good job and that everything was OK. After moving in, I began finding things the inspector had missed. Worst of all was moisture and rotted wood at the base of the kitchen cabinets. I tore out the cabinets and spent a lot of money to repair them. What recourse do I have against the home inspector for missing these problems? --Fawn Dear Fawn, Your case against the inspector is weakened if the damaged cabinets are no longer on the property. The basis for a claim depends upon whether the moisture and damaged materials were visible and accessible at the time of the inspection. If the cabinets are gone, so is the evidence. When the problem was discovered, you should have called the home inspector and the pest inspector. Both were responsible for finding that kind of defect. If you've still got the cabinets, you should call the inspectors immediately...