No overalls, no inspection

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Dear Barry, Last year, we purchased a 1947 home. Since then, we've noticed a lot of new cracks in the plaster walls and some unevenness of the floors. Before buying the house, we had a home inspection, but our inspector did not check the foundation crawlspace. He said that he'd forgotten to bring his overalls and would have to forego that part of the inspection. Am I being overly paranoid or is there a potential foundation settlement problem that our inspector failed to see? --Paul Dear Paul, Inspection of the crawlspace is a vital aspect of a thorough home inspection. Your inspector's omission of this procedure, on the slim excuse of forgotten overalls, begs for an appropriately outrageous analogy. He might have omitted the roof inspection because he'd forgotten to bring his ladder. He could have disclaimed poorly lighted areas because his flashlight batteries were dead. Lack of a screwdriver might have prevented inspection of the electric service panel. He could have declined to prov...