Home inspectors avoid liability for certain defects

Accessibility, weather play key roles

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Dear Barry, When people write to you regarding negligent home inspectors, you always seem to advise against suing the inspectors. This was the case in one of your recent columns and in others I've read. Whenever the question involves suing an inspector, the answer always seems to be "no." Could you please explain this? --Jock Dear Jock, A large number of e-mails I receive involve dissatisfaction with various home inspectors. When asked whether these inspectors should be held accountable for alleged acts of negligence, the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no, depending upon the circumstances. If you've read only columns where the answer was no, you've gotten the wrong impression. A common saying in the home inspection business holds that there are two kinds of home inspectors: those who have been sued and those who will be. The fact is, most home inspectors will be sued at some time in their careers. There are, however, specific circumstances that determine whether a home inspector...