Stay-at-home tenant: a red flag for landlords

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Question: I have rented my condo to a low-income family through the city's rental assistance program. The government pays the majority of their rent, as there is only one working adult and four children in the rental unit. The nonworking father constantly is calling me to point out things that may need repair or replaced mostly from wear and tear. Every contact includes his offer to do the repairs as long as I pay him. I am tired of his persistent calls and I am beginning to wonder if I should let him do the work? Or should I continue to rely on my trusted handyman from outside? Now he complains that the carpet is dirty and can't be cleaned because the stain keeps coming back due to the pad also being stained. I replaced the carpet, including the padding, less than three years ago. After hearing this complaint over and over, I made a personal inspection and found that the carpet isn't as dirty or badly stained as he claimed, and actually I could see no reason to replace it. After ano...