Get inspection before buying repossessed house

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Dear Barry, We recently purchased a bank-repossessed house. When we made our offer, our agent advised us not to get a home inspection since it was just an additional cost to us and the bank would not fix anything anyway. In hindsight, we realize that we should have had an inspection because the roof leaks and we get standing water around the foundation during wet weather. Do we have recourse or did we just make a huge mistake in not getting an inspection? --Barbara Dear Barbara, Let me begin with a message for everyone who may consider buying a home and for every agent who is reading this column: Any agent who advises a client not to have a home inspection, regardless of the circumstances of the transaction, should be placed in stocks, as was common punishment for disgraceful behavior in 17th century colonial America. Advising a client to forego a home inspection is the height of misrepresentation. It is a major ethical breach -- the act of a "slick" salesperson or of someone who ...