Difficulties for inexperienced home inspectors

Marketing services to Realtors helps overcome obstacles

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Dear Barry, Your column often advises people to find the most experienced home inspector possible. That's all well and good, except for those of us who are just starting out. How do we get the experience we need if no one will hire us because of lack of experience. Most home inspection companies are one-man operations, with no need to hire another inspector. So there's little opportunity to gain experience as employees of another company. Because of this, I've dropped out of the business. Whenever people asked how long I had been inspecting, I had to be honest, and then they wouldn't hire me. Additionally, unless you've performed many home inspections, you cannot obtain full membership in a recognized home inspection association, and candidate memberships don't encourage business. How can new home inspectors overcome this entry-level impasse? --Gary Dear Gary, All home inspectors start out with little or no experience and without full memberships in professional associations. At fir...