Home inspection industry sustains ‘surprising’ growth

With more practitioners come more lawsuits

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Dear Barry, As an insurance agent, I've watched with interest the rapid growth of the home inspection business. Fifteen years ago, I didn't know what home inspections were. Today they seem to be center stage in every home purchase. Could you comment on some of the key trends affecting this change? For example, why has the demand for home inspections increased so strongly among home buyers? Why has the number of liability claims against home inspectors also increased? And what role, if any, do mortgage lenders play in selecting home inspectors? --Mark Dear Mark, Each of these questions could prompt a complete article on its own, so allow me to summarize. The growing influence of home inspections on residential real estate sales has been rapid and unmistakable. Inspections were available in the 1970s and '80s but were relatively unknown to most people during those years. By the early 1990s, home inspectors emerged as a significant presence in most real estate transactions, affectin...